Graphic Designer Partnership

Hello Graphic Designers! Thanks for coming to visit us! You are currently viewing our blog. Click the link below if you wish to skip the explanation to the partnership we’re offering and go straight to the money shot.

OTHERWISE… As you all know, once you are done designing a branded package for a new client, the next question that client ALWAYS asks is, “Great. Any suggestions on where to print?” That’s where we come in. Send ’em to us! We’ll pay 10% commission on the total product sale.

So, it’s that simple. has an extremely user-friendly layout for you and your clients. You still get all the credit because we’ll make you a sales rep on our website (see new account sign up). You can track your orders, get instant quotes or even custom quotes- our favorite! šŸ™‚ We’re EXTREMELY competitive in pricing large jobs out, EVEN MORE SO we’re Environmentally-friendly and EVEN MORE THAN THAT we believe in real customer service and accountability. E-mail anytime day or night and if we don’t answer in 24 hours or less we’ll even give you our cell phone numbers (yes, we accept texts).

So, that’s it. Thanks for the interest. Now go check us out and fall in love. We love you too.

*We’re not a read in between the lines or a 2 pt. text kind of company, but we will tell you commissions do not apply to shipping, tax, pre-press proof or re-rip fees. Just follow the specs and we’ll all be able to sleep at night.*


About is dedicated to providing quality eco-friendly paper products while supporting sustainable resources at a competitive price. Visit for more information and a list of our products!

4 responses to “Graphic Designer Partnership

  1. Debbie Martinez

    I am really interested in your business as a way to print for my customers. I am new in G.D. and hope to build a great business relationship with a company with whom I can count on and who they can count on.
    I havn’t done my website yet-
    will sign up as soon as I can.

    Thank you SO much- Debbie Martinez

  2. Greetings, I am intrested in high quality prints for amazingley reasonable prices for our clients, and for us.

    • Hi Gregory!

      You have most certainly come to the right place! Feel free to send us a quick e-mail at and we will be happy to initiate a partnership with you! We are highly competitive not only in our quality, but also in our prices! The best part about this partnership is that you actually get to make money from the jobs you send to us!!! Look forward to seeing your artwork come to life!

      The Family

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