About Parisleaf

Parisleaf’s Eco-Conscious Mission

Parisleaf Printing and Design offers a green revolution in brand development, print collateral & web design. We offer both creative and strategic services to help maximize your companies’ visual footprint. At Parisleaf, we provide a carbon negative solution for all of your print, brand, and web needs. We do this by planting many more trees than we consume, thereby offsetting not only Parisleaf’s carbon footprint, but also aiding our clients in becoming carbon neutral.

Parisleaf’s Commitment to our Clients:
We evaluate each client individually and cater a unique team approach to developing visually stunning graphics and print media. We work with an array of clients, whether you are the mom and pop next door or an existing brand looking to improve your consumer impact. Parisleaf’s ultimate goal for each client is to provide engaging visual media that leaves a profound impact on the end user.

Parisleaf’s Commitment to our Community:
Parisleaf strives to meet premier printing and design standards while maintaining socially responsible initiatives. We take every opportunity to think globally about our impact, not only our impact on the consumer, but also our impact on our earth. We implement sustainable practices, including sustainable graphic design, and maintain transparency and authenticity in all we do. It is our corporate responsibility to approach our community holistically and strive to participate and engage with our community as often as possible. We are involved with many local and global organizations that run parallel in our mission for a radical change in our social responsibilities as a whole.

Parisleaf’s Commitment to our Earth:
We are now living in a different world, and we must shift our thinkings from our traditional selfish viewpoints to a ‘whole earth’ approach to living. We must be accountable for the actions we take and at Parisleaf, we make sure to do just that. We account for our impact at every step of our development process, from our production, to our office culture, and lastly to our clients. As for our production, our base stock for print collateral is 40% recycled material. We use only soy and vegetable based inks and promote the use of water based finishes, such as Aqueous coating – instead of the harsh UV coatings that never biodegrade. Our office culture is one of recycling and minimalistic consumption. A large part of Parisleaf’s foundation is to provide our clients the opportunity to become carbon neutral for less. We do this by planting a minimum of 10 trees for every order placed with us at no cost to the consumer. Parisleaf partnered with both Trees for the Future (global) and Earthgivers (local) in 2010 to plant our trees.

Parisleaf’s Commitment to our Parisleaf Team:
The Parisleaf Team is a tight bunch and we all enjoy collaborating, developing, and aiding in the evolution of our client’s ideas into reality. There are no better accolades than to witness that we have successfully captured and conveyed a client’s thoughts visually. We look forward to helping your company grow.

We are the solution for all of your printing needs. We provide today’s business with exceptional quality printing, using revolutionary technology to reduce turn-around time. Most important of all, we specialize in reducing your printing costs.

Our focus on fully-automated processes from start to finish, this allows us to cut costs, not corners.

As a highly successful company, we understand that success must be based on saving you valuable time and money. That is why we provide the easiest and most comprehensive on-line ordering tool for all of your printing needs.

No more waiting

No more standing in lines at your local printer.

Just a few clicks of the mouse and you’re on the way to discovering how easy and convenient on-line color printing should be.

Remember, just because we are on-line doesn’t mean that we are unreachable. Anytime you need extra help or have custom orders, feel free to contact our friendly (human) account representatives. We recognize that you want answers, not voice prompts, so we provide real specialists to field your calls. Our results-driven team is dedicated to working all of your company”s printing needs in a fast, courteous, professional manner that exceeds your expectations, the first time, every time!.

Here are just some of our online features that will simplify your life and maximize your results:

* Customer dashboard so you can view pending and completed orders.
* Real-time job tracking from start to finish.
* Print your own past and present invoices.
* On-line proofing with low-resolution and high-resolution proofs. Plus, you can approve your jobs in real-time, 24/7.
* Get UPS Tracking information.
* With our Pricing Tools Calculator, you can get instant quotes on all your printing products, as well as shipping rates all over the United States.


About parisleaf.com

www.Parisleaf.com is dedicated to providing quality eco-friendly paper products while supporting sustainable resources at a competitive price. Visit www.parisleaf.com for more information and a list of our products!

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